When Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade


My grandfather Chegg used to always say this to me all the time when growing up, “When Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade” and somehow it always stuck with me through the tough times and in hindsight it has helped me tremendously, as a positive re frame, to look at the situation in a different light.

So many of us get stuck in negativity and dwell there, that its difficult to find someone nowadays that’s positive, enthusiastic, up beat and full of life and that’s full of zealous, ambition towards life.

Many of us are simply going through the motions and we’re creatures of circumstance. Going to work, getting paid a certain amount and being told what to do. When you begin to realize that going to work for somebody else is the biggest form of slavery in modern world then you start to get the feeling of anger. That anger I have found is important to drive through and harness and it can be used as great fuel to take massive level of action.

The other day me and my friends were in Grand Rapids doing a bachelor party for one of our best friends getting married to his high school sweet heart, Here is the Grand Rapids Limo company’s website, we rented the Audi Q7 from them, anyways we were all having a great time hitting up several bars in downtown GR, when all of the sudden we realized the club we were headed to had some issues with management and was closed for the night, so here we were stranded in downtown Grand Rapids and our bachelor party was threatened to be ruined.

While many of my friends started complaining and some went into to apathy or a state of complete giving up and saying things like “oh well, let’s just go to few bars over here they still have dance floors” but we knew that the dance floors some of these places had were very small and nothing like you would find in a club.

While I was thinking my grandfather Chegg’s quotes “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

So I rounded up the discombobulated crew back into the limousine and told the driver to take us to a club in Lansing, even though it was 1 hour away, it would be an adventure. I looked online on the spot and found a dance party happening at Mac’s Bar of Lansing one of local small bars but at the very least they were having a electronic dance party.

Well my friends were first not that into going 1 hour away from town but we had a limousine anyways, we might as well, even though it would cost the extra for the gas travel mileage we figured it would be worth it.

And what do you know, we had the time of our lives, first we started to pre-game more heavily back inside the limo then when we got to the club, we were just having a blast talking to all kinds of people that were there, hitting on the girls and they liked us back because we were just full of fun energy.

I must say the night was pretty spectacular, partying with my closest friends, and having a limousine take us there and back safely was just a blessing. We were all pretty close to black out by the end of the night and it was definitely one of those parties that will be in the books for one of the most adventurous night by turning a negative situation into a positive.

In the midst of partying with heavy alcohol use, I think I learned a bit about life. It’s all about the positive reframe!

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