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Life attitude of a great business owner and doing whatever it takes to get to the top. Is what we do here at Chegg Champion, today I want to talk about something close and dear to my heart and that is my grandfather’s tree service business that he’s been working on for several generation, my father unfortunately never got into it but it has been in the family for so long that we all speak like a tree service family.

Every since I was little I remember my grandfather talking about his tree service business and how he loved working out doors and climbing up big trees and taking them down with his chainsaws and bucket truck. It was always his dream to own two crews and have my father run the other crew but my father never wanted to run a tree service business.

Unlike my grandfather he was never interested in working out doors, he liked more technical stuff and working indoors on his computers he’s been building since he was little.

Because that was his only son, my grandfather didn’t have anybody to take over the tree service business for him so he finally gave up on his dreams of keeping the business in the family and sold it to his friend when he retired.

Well its been almost a decade since he has passed and the tree service business that my grandfather Chegg started just came over the other weekend to give us a tree trim on one of the oak trees that had become a monster.

Instantly the memories began flooding back and I was feeling melancholy about the whole situation. I could almost see my grandfather’s face in the distance and he was proud that he still had left behind a legacy even though it was now in a different family.

Well here I am at age 27 and I’m the type of guy that doesn’t like working indoors too much and I have a passion for wanting to become my own boss, set my own hours and manage my own business. So I have decided to ask this guy if he would hire me and naturally he said yes because he knew I was the grandson of Chegg the original owner.

So here I am pursuing a career as tree service, going out there with the intention of one day owning this thing from him and bringing back the family business back into the family.

I will forever live by Chegg’s original name and brand and I will make my grandfather proud. Whatever it takes.

I will work till the cows come home as they say and I will do everything in my power to one day make my grandfather proud and live after his name.

When you have such a great grandfather it makes you live at a higher standard in life where everything you do is to step one step closer to becoming the great man you know is in your blood, and I love becoming that person more and more.

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