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In order to be great you have to be willing to hustle harder than anybody out there, hustle like there is no tomorrow, hustle like your life depends on it. When I create a blog called Chegg Champion, a blog dedicated to my grand father who was a straight hustler, he worked his butt off going after the big cakes, the big money, he worked hard when others were falling behind and getting set back. He worked hard to make it to the top, you see people got it wrong, it takes hard work, courage and commitment to make money.

That old saying, it takes money to make money is a lie. It take hustle courage and commitment to make money. The business man in the world is out there making things happen, its clarity that comes when you work hard everyday, when you work on your sales pitch everyday, when you cold call everyday and telling business owners about yourself. It takes hustle courage and commitment to be different to stand out and make a name for yourself.

I will become the most successful person in my immediate peers of influence so I branch out and reach out to people that are on a higher level than me. People that operate at high levels and work hard for their money. I make the money and I get the girl. No one can touch me.

I make high dollars and I make cake. I close deals when others

My Grand Father was a Hustler

You see my grandfather went through the hard times of great depression and world war II, he wasn’t given free handouts or his dads money to spend, he wasn’t brought up in an IVY league school or even got great education, he was a man with pure hustle and grind mentality. He was smart and always making business deals happen but he wasn’t the one to come with luxury and wealthy backgrounds by any stretch of the imagination. he was more towards the lower middle class family that grew up with people all around him with scarcity mindset.

He taught me that if there’s one skill to reach the top its to ability to sale and look to mentors and learning from them. Because if I can emulate the best to the best of my abilities and everyday model myself after them, then I’m going to move one step closer to their position.

When life presents an opportunity seize it, when mentors appear to get to your goals, seize them and learn from them. I’m interested in reaching levels of success that shadows my peers.

I’m interested in becoming enormous giant big and making money so big and large that it leaves my peers with nothing to say but admiration. I make cheddar so big that it leaves people bend to my will power and influence. I make money so big that it makes those near me uncomfortable with my presence. I make money so large old high school women seek to befriend me but I am cold as ice and I don’t pay them any attention or give them any flow of energy.

I am so influential and make money so large and wealthy that I have hater from high school that hate my guts. I make money and paper so large that even the past haters begin to admire and look up to me in admiration.

I make money so large people fly out to me to get a chance to speak to me. I make money so large people pay thousands to get a piece of my mind. I become so successful and build so much swag that people invite me just so they can pick my brains about success.

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