Feel Good Story of the Month


The other day I was scouting the streets of Troy and suddenly there was a loud pop and my car started to make strange sounds. I kept driving try to feel it out..

10 ft, 50 ft and 100 ft later there was something definitely wrong with the car and I had to turn over to the side of the road.

I check all 4 tires and nothing was wrong, so I opened the hood and there was a plastic tank (I believe it is the radiator) that was leaking fluids and emitting some sort of vapor into the air.

I’m not that knowledgeable on cars so I said no problem,


If life gives you lemons make lemonade!

So I grabbed the phone I had and looked up Troy Towing, on my search engine.

The first guy came up with 2 stars so I called the other tow truck company. They were quick enough and got my car handled quickly, because these guys couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it and the nearest mechanic was 15 min away, I just didn’t want to risk it so I had them towed their. The total price was only $80 so that was a relief.

When I got to the mechanic store, whom do I find? My friend from High School I haven’t seen in over 10 years, working the register and doing some of the repairs. Me and him used to be pretty good buddies but since then have lost contact. He was excited to see him, checked my car out and it turns out I had blown out the radiator and he told me it is a $200 repair, but he did it on the house even though I persisted that I would pay for it.

For him to give me that free repair and I didn’t even ask for it nor have we really kept good contact in the last decade, is pretty feel good in my opinion.

What a kind deed he did and it inspires to me to do great things for him and help out anyway he can. So me and him talked about life and business after that and we exchanged number and promised that we will meet up in the near future and grab a few drinks.

Anyway this is why I love shopping local, My grandfather Chegg would always shop local and he would know pretty much the whole town because of it and he was getting great deal all the time and people hooking him up with free stuff. There is a lot of value in being well connected in your own community and helping local businesses.

My friend inspired to shop more local and support the local business, next time I need a car repair, I am definitely taking it to my friend and this time I will pay the full amount and leave a nice fat tip.


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