Self Motivation, Champion Trait of Chegg

This was one thing my grandfather Chegg was really good at and that was self-motivation, the ability to be able to motivate yourself despite outer circumstances.

This is the lesson my grandfather would always tell me, he would say “it doesn’t matter what’s happening out there, only the meaning you give it.”

He told me that no one has power over you and your destiny and path in life. You are responsible for the direction you lead by the intentions you lay out each and everyday.

Grandfather Chegg has done many wonderful things in his life and its easy to assume when we see the end product to dismiss the struggle that went into making it. We only see the success of the people living it yet we don’t see the countless losses they faces along the way.

There is elite level to everything and then there are levels beyond that. Its not the failures that has any significance but its the ability to persevere and never give up on your dreams is what matters.

“The embarrassment is not in the losing, but embarrassment is in the giving up.” -Jordan Belfort

Sometimes it helps to watch his videos at least for me he really fires me up.


I made a vow to myself that I will never give up on my dreams even if it means losing my life over it.

It is this level of commitment to my path and purpose that is required for true and authentic steps for mastery.

We are always projecting into a future a possible new reality, why not shape it consciously to the one you desire and want. Through the years of approaching life seemingly from the outside looking in, I have learned to put all excuses aside and just march towards my dream like there’s no tomorrow. I want to rekindle the flame of straight hustle where I want to succeed as bad as I want the next breath after holding it under water for 1 min.

Some days I think about the lesson my Grandfather imparted on me, and it gets my moods back up to take on a new day and go out there and slay it!

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