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Life attitude of a great business owner and doing whatever it takes to get to the top. Is what we do here at Chegg Champion, today I want to talk about something close and dear to my heart and that is my grandfather’s tree service business that he’s been working on for several generation, my father unfortunately never got into it but it has been in the family for so long that we all speak like a tree service family.

Every since I was little I remember my grandfather talking about his tree service business and how he loved working out doors and climbing up big trees and taking them down with his chainsaws and bucket truck. It was always his dream to own two crews and have my father run the other crew but my father never wanted to run a tree service business.

Unlike my grandfather he was never interested in working out doors, he liked more technical stuff and working indoors on his computers he’s been building since he was little.

Because that was his only son, my grandfather didn’t have anybody to take over the tree service business for him so he finally gave up on his dreams of keeping the business in the family and sold it to his friend when he retired.

Well its been almost a decade since he has passed and the tree service business that my grandfather Chegg started just came over the other weekend to give us a tree trim on one of the oak trees that had become a monster.

Instantly the memories began flooding back and I was feeling melancholy about the whole situation. I could almost see my grandfather’s face in the distance and he was proud that he still had left behind a legacy even though it was now in a different family.

Well here I am at age 27 and I’m the type of guy that doesn’t like working indoors too much and I have a passion for wanting to become my own boss, set my own hours and manage my own business. So I have decided to ask this guy if he would hire me and naturally he said yes because he knew I was the grandson of Chegg the original owner.

So here I am pursuing a career as tree service, going out there with the intention of one day owning this thing from him and bringing back the family business back into the family.

I will forever live by Chegg’s original name and brand and I will make my grandfather proud. Whatever it takes.

I will work till the cows come home as they say and I will do everything in my power to one day make my grandfather proud and live after his name.

When you have such a great grandfather it makes you live at a higher standard in life where everything you do is to step one step closer to becoming the great man you know is in your blood, and I love becoming that person more and more.

To visit the current owner’s tree service siteĀ


The Chegg Champion What its all about

In order to be great you have to be willing to hustle harder than anybody out there, hustle like there is no tomorrow, hustle like your life depends on it. When I create a blog called Chegg Champion, a blog dedicated to my grand father who was a straight hustler, he worked his butt off going after the big cakes, the big money, he worked hard when others were falling behind and getting set back. He worked hard to make it to the top, you see people got it wrong, it takes hard work, courage and commitment to make money.

That old saying, it takes money to make money is a lie. It take hustle courage and commitment to make money. The business man in the world is out there making things happen, its clarity that comes when you work hard everyday, when you work on your sales pitch everyday, when you cold call everyday and telling business owners about yourself. It takes hustle courage and commitment to be different to stand out and make a name for yourself.

I will become the most successful person in my immediate peers of influence so I branch out and reach out to people that are on a higher level than me. People that operate at high levels and work hard for their money. I make the money and I get the girl. No one can touch me.

I make high dollars and I make cake. I close deals when others

My Grand Father was a Hustler

You see my grandfather went through the hard times of great depression and world war II, he wasn’t given free handouts or his dads money to spend, he wasn’t brought up in an IVY league school or even got great education, he was a man with pure hustle and grind mentality. He was smart and always making business deals happen but he wasn’t the one to come with luxury and wealthy backgrounds by any stretch of the imagination. he was more towards the lower middle class family that grew up with people all around him with scarcity mindset.

He taught me that if there’s one skill to reach the top its to ability to sale and look to mentors and learning from them. Because if I can emulate the best to the best of my abilities and everyday model myself after them, then I’m going to move one step closer to their position.

When life presents an opportunity seize it, when mentors appear to get to your goals, seize them and learn from them. I’m interested in reaching levels of success that shadows my peers.

I’m interested in becoming enormous giant big and making money so big and large that it leaves my peers with nothing to say but admiration. I make cheddar so big that it leaves people bend to my will power and influence. I make money so big that it makes those near me uncomfortable with my presence. I make money so large old high school women seek to befriend me but I am cold as ice and I don’t pay them any attention or give them any flow of energy.

I am so influential and make money so large and wealthy that I have hater from high school that hate my guts. I make money and paper so large that even the past haters begin to admire and look up to me in admiration.

I make money so large people fly out to me to get a chance to speak to me. I make money so large people pay thousands to get a piece of my mind. I become so successful and build so much swag that people invite me just so they can pick my brains about success.

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Feel Good Story of the Month


The other day I was scouting the streets of Troy and suddenly there was a loud pop and my car started to make strange sounds. I kept driving try to feel it out..

10 ft, 50 ft and 100 ft later there was something definitely wrong with the car and I had to turn over to the side of the road.

I check all 4 tires and nothing was wrong, so I opened the hood and there was a plastic tank (I believe it is the radiator) that was leaking fluids and emitting some sort of vapor into the air.

I’m not that knowledgeable on cars so I said no problem,


If life gives you lemons make lemonade!

So I grabbed the phone I had and looked up Troy Towing, on my search engine.

The first guy came up with 2 stars so I called the other tow truck company. They were quick enough and got my car handled quickly, because these guys couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it and the nearest mechanic was 15 min away, I just didn’t want to risk it so I had them towed their. The total price was only $80 so that was a relief.

When I got to the mechanic store, whom do I find? My friend from High School I haven’t seen in over 10 years, working the register and doing some of the repairs. Me and him used to be pretty good buddies but since then have lost contact. He was excited to see him, checked my car out and it turns out I had blown out the radiator and he told me it is a $200 repair, but he did it on the house even though I persisted that I would pay for it.

For him to give me that free repair and I didn’t even ask for it nor have we really kept good contact in the last decade, is pretty feel good in my opinion.

What a kind deed he did and it inspires to me to do great things for him and help out anyway he can. So me and him talked about life and business after that and we exchanged number and promised that we will meet up in the near future and grab a few drinks.

Anyway this is why I love shopping local, My grandfather Chegg would always shop local and he would know pretty much the whole town because of it and he was getting great deal all the time and people hooking him up with free stuff. There is a lot of value in being well connected in your own community and helping local businesses.

My friend inspired to shop more local and support the local business, next time I need a car repair, I am definitely taking it to my friend and this time I will pay the full amount and leave a nice fat tip.


Self Motivation, Champion Trait of Chegg

This was one thing my grandfather Chegg was really good at and that was self-motivation, the ability to be able to motivate yourself despite outer circumstances.

This is the lesson my grandfather would always tell me, he would say “it doesn’t matter what’s happening out there, only the meaning you give it.”

He told me that no one has power over you and your destiny and path in life. You are responsible for the direction you lead by the intentions you lay out each and everyday.

Grandfather Chegg has done many wonderful things in his life and its easy to assume when we see the end product to dismiss the struggle that went into making it. We only see the success of the people living it yet we don’t see the countless losses they faces along the way.

There is elite level to everything and then there are levels beyond that. Its not the failures that has any significance but its the ability to persevere and never give up on your dreams is what matters.

“The embarrassment is not in the losing, but embarrassment is in the giving up.” -Jordan Belfort

Sometimes it helps to watch his videos at least for me he really fires me up.


I made a vow to myself that I will never give up on my dreams even if it means losing my life over it.

It is this level of commitment to my path and purpose that is required for true and authentic steps for mastery.

We are always projecting into a future a possible new reality, why not shape it consciously to the one you desire and want. Through the years of approaching life seemingly from the outside looking in, I have learned to put all excuses aside and just march towards my dream like there’s no tomorrow. I want to rekindle the flame of straight hustle where I want to succeed as bad as I want the next breath after holding it under water for 1 min.

Some days I think about the lesson my Grandfather imparted on me, and it gets my moods back up to take on a new day and go out there and slay it!

When Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade


My grandfather Chegg used to always say this to me all the time when growing up, “When Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade” and somehow it always stuck with me through the tough times and in hindsight it has helped me tremendously, as a positive re frame, to look at the situation in a different light.

So many of us get stuck in negativity and dwell there, that its difficult to find someone nowadays that’s positive, enthusiastic, up beat and full of life and that’s full of zealous, ambition towards life.

Many of us are simply going through the motions and we’re creatures of circumstance. Going to work, getting paid a certain amount and being told what to do. When you begin to realize that going to work for somebody else is the biggest form of slavery in modern world then you start to get the feeling of anger. That anger I have found is important to drive through and harness and it can be used as great fuel to take massive level of action.

The other day me and my friends were in Grand Rapids doing a bachelor party for one of our best friends getting married to his high school sweet heart, Here is the Grand Rapids Limo company’s website, we rented the Audi Q7 from them, anyways we were all having a great time hitting up several bars in downtown GR, when all of the sudden we realized the club we were headed to had some issues with management and was closed for the night, so here we were stranded in downtown Grand Rapids and our bachelor party was threatened to be ruined.

While many of my friends started complaining and some went into to apathy or a state of complete giving up and saying things like “oh well, let’s just go to few bars over here they still have dance floors” but we knew that the dance floors some of these places had were very small and nothing like you would find in a club.

While I was thinking my grandfather Chegg’s quotes “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

So I rounded up the discombobulated crew back into the limousine and told the driver to take us to a club in Lansing, even though it was 1 hour away, it would be an adventure. I looked online on the spot and found a dance party happening at Mac’s Bar of Lansing one of local small bars but at the very least they were having a electronic dance party.

Well my friends were first not that into going 1 hour away from town but we had a limousine anyways, we might as well, even though it would cost the extra for the gas travel mileage we figured it would be worth it.

And what do you know, we had the time of our lives, first we started to pre-game more heavily back inside the limo then when we got to the club, we were just having a blast talking to all kinds of people that were there, hitting on the girls and they liked us back because we were just full of fun energy.

I must say the night was pretty spectacular, partying with my closest friends, and having a limousine take us there and back safely was just a blessing. We were all pretty close to black out by the end of the night and it was definitely one of those parties that will be in the books for one of the most adventurous night by turning a negative situation into a positive.

In the midst of partying with heavy alcohol use, I think I learned a bit about life. It’s all about the positive reframe!

Welcome to Chegg Champion

In this blog we will discuss about how to become the Chegg Champion, which means conqueror of life. Chegg was my grand father’s interesting middle name which in ancient Irish language means master of living.

My grandfather exemplified that meaning to every degree. He is my role model for what it means to be a real man.

Not macho stuff we see on television but a man with open heart and strong will. The man that goes after his dreams and accomplishes them with determination. A man that is willing to sacrifice to protect and serve those he loves. The man that is unwilling to take no for an answer. The man that creates his own reality instead of being a creature of circumstance.

My grandfather was an Irish born immigrant that went from poverty to building a mansion for his family. My grandfather told me to never give up in life, and taught me that embarrassment is not in the failing but in quitting.

My grandfather Chegg was a champion of life not because he never made mistakes, he will tell you that he has made plenty of those in his life, but what makes him a champion is that each time he picked himself up and kept going. That takes fortitude and strong heart as it takes tremendous self-love to get back up and keep going.

I am 25 years old and I’d like to dedicate this blog to everything my wonderful grandfather taught me about life. He passed 1 year ago and I miss him deary. In memory of him, I want to make this blog and spread his teaching on life, relationships, & how to truly be successful in life.

He went from poverty to achieving the three pillars of success in life that’s wealth, health & faith. Talking to him was like opening an ecyclopedia of knowledge on everything from proper nutrition, politics to spirituality.

He was the most interesting man to ever talk to, more than any of the teachers at school. I am grateful to have had such a great grandfather and My goal is to write some sort of book in memory of him.

So if you are in the high heavens reading this, Grandpa, Thank you for everything you have taught me and I miss you dearly.

-Chegg Champion